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November 3, 2002.  Millsboro Delaware, site of another incredible event where grown men throw a pumpkin as far as they can. There were various categories from manual mode to the giant cannons. Paddy and I arrived during the BIG GUNS competition.

During the three hours we attended, the farthest cannon shot was 4025 feet. It was incredible to see a white pumpkin shoot high into the sky and travel over three quarters of a mile before smashing into the ground. The cannons, when fired, make a short snapping sound or a mild bang followed by the audible release of the built up air pressure. By the time we heard the cannon sound in the viewers area, the pumpkin was at least 1000 feet down range. It was a challenge to see the fast moving pumpkins in flight.



The smaller catapult pumpkin throwers were also in action. In frame 3 and 4 you see a catapult just before firing and just after firing. Look carefully at the upper right section of frame 4 and you can just see the white pumpkin in the sky. The small catapults we saw were shooting about 400 feet.



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