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Monday December 10, 2007.  Paddy and I arrived a little before 5 PM, when they turned on all the outdoor lights.  As luck would have it we walked into the busy Terrace Restaurant and a table was free.  We enjoyed an excellent dinner.



A slight rain was coming down so we walked directly to the warmth and dryness of the Conservatory building.  It was decorated to the max.



It's neat to see flowers bloom when the cold and barren winter is upon us.



Imagine the extravagance and wealth of those who could have dinner in this environment.



The toy trains were running and the decorations abounded.



Longwood had a new kids section and all the "kids" had fun.



Before leaving the building, we caught a wonderful singing group from Delaware that entertained the crowd with Christmas songs.


Our good fortune again as the rain stopped so we could get a couple of photos of the decorated grounds.



Another splendid day trip.


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