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January 26, 2008.  Paddy and I arrived early, parked by the Lambertville Station Restaurant and made a lunch reservation.  We then crossed the bridge over the Delaware River and did a little window shopping in New Hope, PA.



New Hope stores have great T-shirts and a good sense of humor.



Window shopping over, we stopped at Starbucks by the New Hope - Lambertville bridge for coffee.


There was a rather large crowd by the Starbucks area so we walked a block up the street by the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad for a better picture taking location.  The parade started with the State Police color guard, the politicians, VIP's and vintage cars.



Always in the acting mode, George Washington stopped by Paddy for a photo.



The parade included high school bands, Sesame Street characters and bag pipe bands.



The highlight of the parade was the Greater Kensingston and the Uptown String Bands.



We followed the string bands across the bridge to Lambertville.



As one who follows string bands I couldn't help but notice that the Uptown String band had BASS SAXOPHONES and a full size STRING BASS !  In the foreground was "the little drummer boy" too.


The parade concluded at perfect timing for our lunch reservation.  Lunch was great at the Lambertville Station Restaurant !


Click HERE to view the 2010 New Hope-Lambertville Winterfest


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