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July 16, 2008.  Paddy and I thought it would be a nice to have lunch in Ocean Grove, NJ and check out the Great Auditorium.

We saw the giant structure from Ocean Avenue at the Atlantic Ocean beachfront.



Once inside we grasped the immense size of the auditorium which has a seating capacity of 6500.  Then we heard the famous 100 year old Hope-Jones pipe organ.  We were lucky to be there when the organist was practicing on the 14 rank console and heard the magificent sound of over 10,000 pipes.




Taking a tour around the outside, we discovered "Tent City" which surrounds the Great Auditorium.  Each summer, the owners double the size of their cottages with tents.  Many are very well appointed. 




While passing the Bishop James Tabernacle, we heard violin music.  We saw a student, her mother and her instructor.  They invited us to sit and enjoy our own personal recital.  For only two years into taking lesson, the young lady was quite accomplished.



The Great Auditorium complex includes a Pavilion, a youth temple and a book store.



It was another interesting and enjoyable day in Ocean Grove, NJ.

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