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July 30, 2008.  We arrived in Phillipsburg, NJ around 4 PM on a Wednesday, but it was a little early for the advertised balloon event.



After an hour of walking around, we left and planned on finding a restaurant and then returning for the balloons.  Wow gasoline at $3.69 in Phillipsburg, I can't believe I'm saying that it was "cheap gas"  at that price, but it was true.  We found the Thyme restaurant within the Architects Golf Club.  Great food, excellent surroundings.




We returned to the fair and there were balloons !  The weather guesser was calling for thunderstorms, so the balloon folks just did tethered rides and photo opportunities.




Another balloon was down and kept open with a large electric fan so everyone could walk in, take photos and enjoy.



A monster truck was on hand to give kids a ride around the field.



It was a small fair compared to the Great Allentown Fair, in Pennsylvania, but it was rather nice.


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