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October 18, 2008.  We saw this timber festival on the internet and having never attended one, we traveled to Shawnee on the Delaware, PA and checked it out.

We arrived at 11:15 AM to a large crowd of early arrivals and headed straight to the lodge cafeteria.



As we were having lunch we were able to look out the lodge window and see the start of the TIMBER TEAM contests.  In this event, two men competed in cutting a log in half with an axe.



After lunch we went outside to see the rest of the show.  A comedy sketch with a female MC and a Timber Team chain saw expert produced a cute little wooden chair.  The team leader went into the audience and gave the chair to a young lady and her mom.



The next contest was between two Timber Team guys climbing separate 45 foot poles.  The guy on the left was so fast that he was all the way back down his pole as the guy on the right was just arriving at the top of his pole.



Log rolling goes back in time when lumberjacks had to clear log jams on the river where the logs traveled down stream from forest to lumber mill.  Today two men roll the log trying to spill one or the other into the water.



There was a petting zoo for the "kids" and the "kids" really had fun.




All the chain saw guys made wonderful wooden artwork.



There was live music, kids rides and if you had patience, you could wait 45 minutes in line for the ski lift.



Tim made great BBQ.



On the way home we passed nice foliage.



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