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October 25, 2008.  Our plans for seeing the King Frost Parade in Hamburg, PA were cancelled by the rain, but the WK&S railroad was running steam, so it turned out to be a great day.


We bought tickets at the station and the train arrived in short order.  The kids in Halloween costume rode for free.



The engine was disconnected from the front of the cars and switched to the caboose for the next trip out.



The engineer climbed atop the engine, with a wrench, to tighten a leaking pipe.


It was our turn to ride, the conductor punched our ticket and we were off to Wanamaker, PA.


Upon arrival we checked out the Wanamaker station which was outfitted as it was in the 40's.



Reversing the process, the engine disconnected from the caboose and got connected to the front of the cars for the trip back to Kempton, PA.



Another fun ride on the railroad.


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