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October 26, 2008.  Concluding our fall trip was a stop at Jim Thorpe, PA for their Fall Foliage Weekend celebration.


After parking our car and seeing the celebration banner we heard some wonderful music.  Rounding the corner at the railroad station we found the source of the music which was a Grand Master Concert Organ.  It was playing a full orchestra of sounds along with animated characters playing drum and bells including the director in his tux moving his baton.  The accordion bellows were moving in and out and the ivory keys and buttons were depressed to the notes of the music.




Paddy and I were mesmerized by the sound and stood nearby for quite a while before noticing Dennis Robinson who build this fine instrument.  This is his 200th organ and as he said:  "this is the last one!".  Mr. Robinson was nice enough open up the back of the unit so we could see inside.  I was also impressed with the fact that Dennis created this organ which is controlled by a tiny handheld computer and can play over 3000 tunes !



After meeting Dennis, we started a tour of Jim Thorpe.  Paddy quickly found a necklace at one of the nearby vendors, then off to town.




All the downtown stores were decorated for fall and kids in Halloween costume could get a treat at participating stores.



Throughout Jim Thorpe were school bands and street musicians entertaining the visitors.



We checked out the Jim Thorpe memorial which is about 3 miles from the center of town.  It had many written displays explaining the life and times of this magnificent athlete.



Or last stop was Flagstaff Mountain a half mile south of town to check out my new lens.  Can you find the red colored Asa Packer house in the 24 mm shot?

      24 mm                  127 mm                510 mm



As we found out, the town provided a trolley shuttle to Flagstaff.  While inside I thought it would be fun to pose Paddy pouring a beer.  To our surprise, beer came out of the tap!  Last but not least our famous "mirror shot".



Another splendid fall day.


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