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January 31, 2009.  Another great event out of Mt. Holly, NJ.  The "FIRE" part was a chili cook off and the "ICE" part was lots of wonderful ice sculptures.

We luckily found a great parking spot a half block from Main Street, where the kids were treated to a ride on a fire engine.



The temperature was 28 degrees and the artists were happy that they could take their time without the ice melting.



The crowds were large and the center of town had a very special ice sculpture and banner to advertise the event.



After a quick overview of the activities, we stopped by the Robin's Nest Restaurant and had an excellent lunch.



Beside historic buildings, Mt Holly had Alpacas, Revolutionary War reenactment folks demonstrating muskets and folks that brought their large dogs out for the day.




Paddy asked some interesting questions of the Red Wolf Racing Team who were showing off their great looking Alaskan Huskies.



Everyone was treated to the 'Brass Heaven' band who put on quite a show with trombones, tubas, washboards and tambourines.  The crowd loved 'em.



We revisited the sculptures as they finished up for the judges.




After our visit to Mt Holly, Paddy and I traveled north to Stockton, NJ for dinner at the Stockton Inn.  The surroundings were very comfortable and the dinner was excellent.  As we were departing the restaurant, the hostess bid us a pleasant trip back home.



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