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March 14, 2009.  Paddy and I arrived early, had lunch at the Radisson Hotel, in downtown Scranton, PA, and while there we took our our famous "mirror shot"; then back out on the streets for parade festivities.  It was a sunny day with temperatures in the 40's and many, many thousands of fans lined the parade route.



As we were walking around a large voice said: "hey, did you get any good pictures".  I turned around and said: "I didn't take YOUR picture yet".  So the big guy in the white shirt posed with his friends.  The group was clearly having a great time at the parade.



Attractive young ladies were everywhere today.




This young lady fooled me.  Her shirt had a comment about her tattoos. So I asked: "well where are your tattoos?", and she showed me !


For fun, I ask Paddy to pose with the costumed characters.  In the last photo it looked like the Gecko peed right down both of his legs !



Winner and runner up at the International Beer and Pizza competition.



I wondered how those guys got up on those tall bicycles.



You have to be young and in very good shape to be able to lift a straightened leg over your head, while balancing on the other leg !



After perfecting your skateboarding skills, you take it up a notch.



It was dog days today.



There were numerous bag pipe bands, high school bands, The Trilby String Band and other marching units.  (In the Trilby String Band, one of the guys was playing the very large bass saxophone!)




The parade had horses and cattle.



People in the parade and people watching the parade, just having fun.



There were floats, a trolley, cars and kids rides.




After this great parade, Paddy and I had dinner in Scranton and stayed at a local motel in the Scranton area.



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March 15, 2008.  Because of a scheduled visit by Hillary Clinton, the crowds surged way past 100,000.  This parade appeared to be larger than the New Jersey version held in Belmar two weeks ago on March 2nd.

Before the start of the parade I took a few photos as folks lined up.  I couldn't believe this guy was taking a shower in 40 degree temperatures, but he did and he finished the parade too.



      Hillary             Hillary there's Ken         Look higher                 Hi Ken



Many were dressed in Kelly Green and were having a great time.




The crowds were huge.  Vendors were selling everything green.  There were many bands and floats.




While thinking this guy was kidding, I did approached with caution, but he wasn't kidding!


As I pointed my camera, I found a talented dancer who was quite photogenic.



I could only spend 3 hours at the 2008 parade, and as I returned to my car, near the starting point of the parade, I was amazed that marching groups were just starting out.  It was a great parade !


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