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July 18, 2009.  Paddy and I found an Ice Cream Festival on the internet.  What we didn't notice was a Wooden Boat Festival that turned out to be more interesting.

The plan was to check out the location of the Ice Cream Festival and then have lunch at a local restaurant.  We found the Lobster Shanty next to the River Lady cruise boat and the anchor from the famous aircraft carrier USS Randolph CV-15.



On the way to the restaurant we discovered the Wooden Boat Festival and after lunch we checked out the boats.  A few boat enthusiasts had radio controlled boats that they demonstrated up and down the inlet.




This festival also had vintage cars, pirates and a guy with a very funny shirt.




We briefly checked out the Ice Cream Festival and quickly returned to the boats.  On the walk back to the car, we found several walls that were painted as murals, which were very well done.



Next time we'll look for just the Wooden Boat Festival.


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