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July 25, 2009.  Another chance to chase hot air balloons at the annual festival.  Since the balloons go up around 6:45 PM, we stopped for early dinner at the Fox Hollow Golf Club in Branchburg, NJ.  The scenery was beautiful, the outdoor weather was perfect and the food was very good.



Having previously enjoyed the festival from inside the airport with the food, the music and the mass ascension of balloons, we now opt to chase balloons along the Whitehouse Station, NJ back roads.  We try to judge the wind and guess the final destination of the balloons while traveling along with hundreds of others to see how lucky we will get.  We ended up with a good viewing spot.




It looked to everyone present that next two balloons over the trees were going to land in the field in front of us, but as the balloons got close to the ground they found a strong cross wind so they "poured on the coals" and rose above the trees for another landing spot.



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