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September 20, 2009.  The 28th annual Clownfest was off to a good start with excellent weather.  We parked on Grant Avenue and up on the boardwalk we found face painting.



Walking north on the boardwalk, we spotted our first clowns; and we knew this was going to be a fun day.



Along came "Petals" in her 7 wheeled rig and she was very smiley and struck up a conversation with us and put big smiles on our faces.



I came across a mom and her two kids.  I motioned that I wanted to take their photo and before I could raise my camera, the little guy ran up to my lens for a close up.  He was definitely cute.



Clowns and cameras are a good match.  I like to take photos and clowns like their photo taken; perfect.








This pirate's signs were so corny they made us laugh out loud.



Taking a break, we walked to a restaurant for an iced tea and the server was so smiley, I had to take her photo.  After a couple of photos with the Bud Man and Betty Boop, we departed the restaurant we spotted this guy who was having a fun day in his own way.



It was parade time we walked to the end of the boardwalk to check it out.  There were several bands, lots of clowns and lots of good fun.




The Diamond collection, was good too........



Everyone had a camera and a good subject.  I wonder how many thousands of photos were taken today....






We sure had fun today and the thousands of spectators did as well !!


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