October 8, 2009. Visiting friends in Southern Ontario made it natural to visit Niagara Falls.

After parking the car, we saw the castle-like entrance building.  On the steep hill above were premium hotels and restaurants which were served by the Falls Incline Railroad.



Inside the Welcome Center were, as expected, souvenir shops, snack bars and a movie.  The view of the falls from inside the building was very good, suggesting that one could visit during really cold weather or other nasty days and still see everything.



Standing just feet away, one understands the awesome power of the Niagara river and gets an appreciation of the billions of gallons that have and will continue to fall.  I would bet that only 1 out of 1000 visitors ever heard of Nikola Tesla, who invented polyphase Alternating Current that lights the world and how he designed the first power generating station here.



As soon as one grasps the awesome site of the falls, the next thing to do is make sure everyone has their photo taken with the falls in the background.  We did the same.



Wanting a snack and a beverage, we went back into the Welcome Center and found a restaurant with a great view of the falls.  Great place to eat !



It was getting dark as we were leaving the area and took a short ride through the city.  It looked like a miniature Los Vegas.




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