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February 11, 2010.  The big snow, 17 inches, trees down.



February 20, 2010.  More than a week after the BIG SNOW there was still plenty of the white stuff around, so I thought I would see if the kids were still riding down the hill at  Holmdel Park.



After parking, I checked out the Shelter Building.  Inside was a nice warm fire and beverages available in vending machines.



The park rangers cleared the snow off the paths to the hill and signs were posted about the thin ice on the ponds.




Once on the hill, the kids were having a ball.




In addition to sledding, there were day campers in tents, fathers pulling their kids in the snow, folks walking their dogs and trail hikers.




The park had installed night lights, so a return visit was in order.  The Shelter had a different look, but the fire was still maintained and the large room was nice and warm.



The hill was quite clear with only a handful of folks sledding.   The ranger, on duty monitoring the hill, said that during the blizzard a week ago, kids were already using the hill.  Subsequent days were heavy but as the light rain and above freezing temperatures took hold, visitor traffic became lighter.  Those that gave the hill a try this evening had fun.




While very popular during snow days, Holmdel Park offers year round adventures worth visiting.


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