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April 3, 2010.   After days of rain and cold weather, we had a temperatures in the 70's and everyone was out and about.  We decided to visit Bear Mountain, NY.


Many were sitting or standing on rocks overlooking the valley below and enjoying the amazing view from 1300 feet above the Hudson River. 



Others were sunbathing, hanging out or walking around the many paths.



Paddy was enjoying the view and suggested we visit the Perkins Memorial Tower, so we did.



In the first frame, I caught a look at this cool looking dog.  Passing the area a half hour later the sunbathing gentleman had two dogs with him.  Both dogs had Mets' jackets and hats and both wore sun glasses.  The dogs were quite content and sat there unperturbed by cars going by or people taking photos.



There were lots of visitors on motorcycles and the view from the top of the mountain revealed the Bear Mountain Inn with a freight train crossing the Hudson River nearby and a nice view of the Bear Mountain Bridge.



Paddy and I will revisit Bear Mountain in the Fall, the foliage will be awesome.


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