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June 24, 2010.  An annual event running the last Thursday of June thru August. My first stop was a homebrew electric Volkswagen filled with lead acid storage batteries.  I counted the batteries and when the owner approached I said "48 volts" and he said "nope, 120 volts" and showed me  the back seat where he had another 72 volts of batteries.



Many great looking cars on display.






Harold Mermel's, collector of rare autos, presented his 1939 Chrysler coupe.



The pretty hostess at the American Hotel invited diners to check out their outdoor restaurant and the Coors folks also put a smile for Kruise Night.



More girl watching, a fun part of the event.




Wolfman was playing his DJ music in the center of town and the Mother Ship provided live music to entertain the crowds.



All the restaurants were doing fine.



Bikers came to town, but it was nothing like years ago when the town encouraged biking by providing a specific bike location.




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