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August 14, 2010.  It had been years since I visited the Pagoda, and while there I remembered that I had dinner nearby at a restaurant inside a Medieval castle.  The folks at the Pagoda helped me find the Stokesay Castle and told me that it had recently re-opened.  It was lunch time, they made a phone call and found out that Stokesay Castle was open for lunch; so we traveled one mile from the Pagoda to check it out..




It was a nice day so we elected to have lunch on the outside patio.  Lunch was excellent, the food was great and and our server, Sarah, was very pleasant and helpful.



At lunch, my grandson Liam had his picture taken and went "hollywood".



We took a self guided tour on the patio side of the Castle.  Liam wanted to climb into the fountain, but dad anticipated his move, therefore no wet feet.



We continued our tour inside and found a well appointed facility.





The first time I visited the castle there was a dungeon in the basement.  It is now a well stocked wine cellar.




Returning outside, Stokesay Castle was preparing for a wedding.  The Castle environment and the excellent weather must have made the bride especially happy.



One last look at the castle and the out building.  The building I call the "out building" is a very accurate reproduction of the entrance to Stokesay Castle in Shropshire, England.  All of us agreed:  we will return to Stokesay Castle again !!



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