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September 5, 2010.  This was the 26th annual Scan Fest in Budd Lake.  This was our first visit.

After entering the park, we couldn't help but notice the colorful Viking Ship.   Along side were a couple of ladies in period clothing.



A large crowd drew our attention to period re-enactors demonstrating the art of Jousting.



Entering another festival area, we found numerous craft vendors selling, jewelry, books, hand made items all from Scandinavian countries.




By the time we arrived, Swedish Meatballs were sold out.  We found another vendor who sold Swedish Pancakes, which were delicious.



One of the main attractions at the fest was the period dances in the pavilion.



Not having heard of the fest before, our friends Frank and Ines Csulak gave Paddy and I a brochure and invited us.  Frank and Ines play in the FestBand.


Leader of the FestBand was Eric Johansson on accordion who knew hundreds of songs and created medleys on the spot.  On drums was Walter Eriksson Jr.



The FestBand was very popular, drawing many to the dance floor to enjoy the great music.  Several dancers, in period costume, were quite expert at Scandinavian dance.   





The FestBand drummer Walter Eriksson Jr. entertained the crowd by playing a rare instrument called the Nyckelharp which is a Swedish violin from the 13th century.  It looked like a difficult instrument to master and he did master it.



There was two other musical areas, one near the entrance and another inside a building by the food vendors.



It was a splendid day, the weather was perfect and we thank Frank and Ines for the invitation.


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