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September 12, 2010.  The forecast was for rain most of the day; however, by 1:30 PM it cleared up and a surprising number of folks were in attendance.

Our first encounter, after parking the car, was the smiling face of RASCAL the clown.


It looked like a golf cart but this vehicle was outfitted with the right stuff to be street legal.


Many vendors had very colorful and unique displays.




If it's free, it's for me.



The Street Fair had two very pretty representatives this year. I remembered the young lady at the left, as she was also at last year's fair representing Barbizon.



From a distance, Paddy and I thought we would be sampling a delicious pie.  When we got up to the stand were were surprised to find this gentleman had made unique candles.



No less than three radio stations covered the event.  The Jersey 101.5 station was interfacing with the crowd and everyone was having fun.



A fan of Popcorn Blouses, Paddy bought yet another and of course a belt too.



The DJ's from Extreme Excellence were on duty playing some great music over a clean, undistorted sound system.



The stilt man was on duty, singing and stringing on Broad and Monmouth Streets.



This fair had everything, pan flutes, smiling Muslims, Service Dogs and who would not shed Brooks Brothers apparel for the Dead Seagull Label.



Paddy donated money to Red Bank's finest, represented by two fireman from Ladder 91.



Wow, I never heard of eyelash perming, much less Professional Eyelash Perming.  I could only imaging the many amateurs out there using soldering irons and Zippo lighters.



At the end of Broad Street was this awesome car and it's very proud owner.


At the end of our tour, Paddy posed by a cute sign and we subsequently met the owner of VIA 45, one of our favorite Red Bank restaurants.



Despite the rain, early in the day, the Street Fair and Craft Show was a success and everyone had a fun day in Red Bank.


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