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November 26, 2010.  Heading downtown toward the Holiday Express concert, we found some very pretty models in a store front window drawing attention to a brand new business: the DoubleTake Consignment Boutique.



The concert started at 7 PM.  Tim McCloon's Holiday Express band was great and everyone was in good voice.





Local dancers performed routines to holiday music.



Lead guitar with the Bon Jovi band played and sang a Christmas song for the crowd.


Tim McCloone introduced Bethanne Clayton to sing.  Later Tim introduced Bethanne's 7 year old son Paul Thomas to sing.  Keeping it all in the family was Bethanne's husband Steve on drums.




The kids were saying ooooh noooo, when the Grinch arrived.



Red Bank mayor Pasquale Menna took the stage and made brief remarks thanking everyone for coming and reminding the audience to think of those less fortunate during the holiday season.  The Mayor led the crowd to a countdown and the town street lights were turned on.  The mayor then joined the singers just before Santa put in an appearance.



To the delight of the crowd, especially the kids, Santa and Mrs Claus arrived.  Mayor Menna danced with Mrs Claus and everyone was having a grand time.



When Santa left, Frosty the Snowman lead the chorus to "Frosty the Snowman".




Keyboard and drums lead off the dance troupe for a final Holiday Performance.




After the concert, Paddy and I decided to warm up with a cup of coffee.  Starbucks was packed so we walked a little further down Broad Street to Zebu.  While I was getting the coffee and cookies, Paddy relaxed in a large, padded lounge chair.  When I returned Paddy looked way too comfortable !


After coffee, we checked out the town Christmas tree at the Dublin House.  Years ago, the town Christmas tree was at the intersection of Broad and Monmouth, within yards from the concert.  Now the tree is 3 blocks from the concert on Monmouth Street.



Thank you Tim McCloone, the singers, the band and all the volunteers that made the concert very successful and enjoyable.


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