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January 5, 2011.  It's now a week after the blizzard that dropped between 22 inches and 30+ inches at the shore. The roads were clear, and we decided to check out Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ to see how much snow was left.  Hmmmm, who was Mr. Settembre ?




In the summer, this area around Jenkinson's inlet and South Beach would be mobbed with thousands of vacationers.  It was kind of strange to see it today.




I couldn't tell if this picnic table was left over from summer or another person arranged these shells in the winter.


Ok, we took a few beach photos and decided to drive west and have dinner.  We ended up at the other end of the state at Mt Holly, NJ.   We stopped at our favorite restaurant: the Robin's Nest.



At the conclusion of a very enjoyable dinner, we took our famous "mirror shot" which was ten feet away.  Ken then went to the men's room and had to return with his camera, because the restaurant had a great sense of humor which he enjoyed !



Upon leaving, a few more photos, then back on the road.



 Great time today, another fun trip to nowhere.


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