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January 14, 2011.  As I rounded the bend at McLoone's Pier House restaurant around 6:15 PM I saw a very tall, blazing fire which extended possibly 40 feet into the air, and a huge crowd lining the hand rail up on the boardwalk.  I had planned on being on the beach at 5:45, but another function I attended was running very late.  By the time I got a place to park the fire was considerably smaller, but still nice and toasty.



There was a DJ to provide music and special effects lighting on the beach.



January 14, 2011 noon. Paddy and I returned on Saturday to check out the sculpture.  Sometimes the artist would cut out an "ice bracelet" that he handed to the kids.



As sculptures were completed, they were placed in front of stores for visitors to see and to place votes.  We checked them out as we strolled down the street and had lunch at the Turning Point restaurant.



January 14, 2011 5:45 PM.  Having gone home for a bit, we returned early to have dinner at  McLoone's Pier House restaurant.  Timing was right because we finished dinner 5 minutes before the main event.


Walking across the street, the evening show started on time at 7 PM.  Two Master Carvers came dancing through the crowd to the music of the DJ and the colored light show.  As the artists cut chunks out of their sculpture, they handed them to the kids.



At one point, they cut out an "ice picture frame" and went into the crowd with a instant camera, took their photo and handed out prints.



At the end of the show,  the artists posed for pictures with the audience.



Music was playing the whole time and everyone enjoyed the show and had fun !


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