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February 27, 2011.  Great weather so we took a drive.  Arriving in New Brunswick around lunch time, I suggested to Paddy that since we ate at Old Man Rafferty's several times, we should try the Hyatt which is just down the street.  After parking in the Hyatt garage, we walked into the lobby and found hundreds of kids and parents everywhere.  At the main desk Alexandra told us that there was a dance competition this weekend and assured us that there would be seating in the restaurant for lunch.  We were delighted that Alexandra escorted us to the Glass Woods Tavern where we found immediate seating.



Food and service was excellent.



We were curious about the dance competition so we took a self tour.  Inside one part of the ballroom was an instructor from Adrenaline Dance and a gathering of students.  There were several large screen TV's around the ballroom.  In the other side of the ballroom was another instructor and many dancers that were having fun.



Just outside the main room in the ballroom area was a comfortable place for parents to wait for their dancers.



Wanting to see all of the hotel, we met Colin who helped us with information about the exercise room and the pool.  We took our usual "mirror shot" which we like to do when traveling.



We found the Hyatt to be a well appointed hotel.



Another fun day on the road.


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