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March 10, 2011.  Another great annual event in Philadelphia.  The Convention Center, at 12th and Arch Street, does not have a parking garage underneath, but there was a convenient one directly across the street and adjacent to the Reading Terminal Market.



This years' theme was Paris and situated at the entrance of the giant convention center, was an mock Eifel Tower.



There were tens of thousands of flowers, but I concentrated on the main exhibits.







Lots of average looking people enjoying the show, then along came this very attractive young lady.



I was getting hungry, so I took the escalator up to the overlook cafe.   Fast food, nothing great.



Back to the show area.










I came upon two lovely girls who told me their employer wouldn't like them to be photographed.  For laughs I said OK, cover your face.  They thought it was funny and did.



It was a great show and a lot of people were in attendance today.


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