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March 12, 2011.  Not yet 4 years old, but my grandson Liam loves trains and we found out he also loves Steamtown.

Especially nice was the walkway that led around the whole building.  The youngster eagerly followed the walkway to the next exhibit.



There were numerous railroad videos playing and Liam stopped to look at each one.



Having his own train at home, Liam was fasinated with the engine coupler.



There were "hands on" activities which drew Liam's attention.



Climbing inside a boxcar to discover another railroad video.



Visiting the mail car.



A tour of the shop.




It looks like my favorite engine, the Nickel Plate Road Berkshire was getting a paint job starting at the cab and working forward.  We have to revisit Steamtown when this project is completed.



Today, we let our grandson enjoy running the tour, but there were thousands of things of interest to "older kids"; and a whole day of railroad history was on display for a later trip.






After rearranging some traffic cones that were sitting around for some future event, we headed to the gift shop and bought some railroad merchandise for Liam.



We had to take photos of the famous BIG BOY !



Due to previous colds and bad weather, we missed a visit to Pennsylvania so we gave Liam some cars for his Thomas the Tank Train.  He knew the name of all the cars and was very happy to receive them.



Scheduling between both families in New Jersey and Pennsylvania was difficult and we happened to have made it the same day as the famous Scranton St Patrick's day parade.   While we missed the parade, we had Steamtown all to ourselves and it was great !  A fantastic day which we will repeat in the future.


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