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June 3, 2011.  The weather was perfect and we arrived at Marine Park at the festival opening time of 5 PM.  The restaurants were in full swing.  Paddy and I decided to check out all the restaurants before making our dinner choice.






Despite being early, there was a talented young man on keyboard entertaining early arrivals in the main stage at the lower level.



We descended the hill and checked out the restaurants on the lower level by the Navasink River.  There appeared to be a lot more restaurants at the festival this year.  Every cuisine was available in quantities from a snack to a full meal.








Paddy and I made our dinner choices and were very lucky to find a table near the 2nd stage on the lower level.  Public seating was limited at the fest.  As we were listening to this musical group, we heard and noticed an interesting rhythm instrument.  Upon further inspection, it was a wooden box with a hole in the back to allow a microphone to pick up the sound.  The musician played the box by slapping  the box with a sliding motion.  It had a unique sound.



After dinner, we walked through the vendor area and found some novel fans with no exposed blades.



A further stroll in the vendor area and we stopped for ice cream.



Our plan was to have dinner at the festival and return.  As we passed the main stage, another musical group was entertaining.



Back on Broad Street we drawn to these wonderful cars, the Porsche and the Mercedes.



I returned to the park around 8:45 PM to play around with available light photography using trees instead of a tripod.  Food vendors were in full swing and the main stage was going strong with a huge crowd of listeners.




That photo shoot was fun, so back to town, and the car for the return trip home.



Once again Red Bank put on a special event, enjoyed by thousands.  Food was excellent and the music was very entertaining.


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