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June 16-17, 2011.  Lots of people took advantage of the perfect weather on the 16th.  After the 7PM rain on the 17th the crowds picked up significantly later in the evening to enjoy the carnival.  With food and rides everywhere, adults and kids were having fun.

The first ride I came upon was a long slide.  It had to be waxed because folks were almost flying down the isles.  Those adults that took part seemed to be relieved when finally stopped, whereas the kids just enjoyed the whole experience.



There were quite a few rides for the younger kids and there were lots of young kids having fun.






For the older kids, Pharaoh's Fury, Fire Ball and several other aerial rides were the most popular.




I took a food break and purchased some fried clams and a beverage.  There were lots of friendly volunteers in the food area.  Yes......the fried clams were excellent.







The picnic tables were quite full, but I found a space and when I put my camera on the table, I discovered another photographer who also likes to photograph events in New Jersey.


After having food I toured the games area and found lots of different venues that were enjoying a brisk business.







As I passed the beer tent, I said to myself:  That bag pipe sound cannot be a recording.  Peeking inside the tent I saw the real McCoy.


In the baseball throw area, while I was watching, two young boys hit the bull's-eye and the volunteer hit the water.  The crowd behind the kids applauded.



There was a radar game that was very popular with kids and adults.  One young man hit 80 MPH !!  He was better than all the adults that tried !



Ticket sales for rides were doing a brisk business as many were digging into the wallet or purse to buy a 50/50 ticket.



St Leo rides at night taken in June 2013.





It was an excellent carnival, everyone had fun and the proceeds went to a worthwhile cause.




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