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Das Awkscht Fest (MACUNGIE CAR SHOW) 2011

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August 5, 2011.  A beautiful day to see a very large car show at the Macungie Memorial Park, with vehicles from the early 1900's to the present.  I don't know how many cars were on hand, but I know I only photographed a sample of what what shown.

This 48th annual show featured the CAMERO.






Along the way, sometimes a person will ask to have their picture taken with their own camera.  Sometimes, as in this photo, it's a young lady who happens to be very pretty!



Wow, a 1917 Stanley in great shape.  While we stopped by, the owner/mechanic was doing some system tweaking.  A very interesting vehicle.





































Visitors could not help but hear the great sound of the School's Out band.  (the Bari sax was especially enjoyable).



 Excellent car show!!  On our next visit we will plan on staying much longer.




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