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August 5, 2011.  Paddy and I attended another function in Pennsylvania and hoped we could arrive at the fair in time to see the balloons.  We made it just in time for the Hare and the Hound event.  One balloon heads out ahead of the pack (the Hare), sets down on an open area and puts a large cross on the ground.  The rest of the pack (the Hounds) head toward the Hare and one by one they throw down a bean bag and see how close they can get to the target.

When we arrived at the Fair there were two balloons tethered to the ground.  Fifteen minutes later (around 6:45 PM) the big green balloon lifted off and we understood this balloon to be the Hare.



Very quickly, the other balloons filled up with hot air, lifted off and headed out toward the Hare.



We drove away from the fair and eventually found the Hare.  It was situated on top of a small hill overlooking a county municipal building.  There were others on the scene taking photos and just checking out the event.



The Hare crew set the red cross target upon the ground and very soon, the first arrivals were trying their best to hit the target.  The ground crew were taking careful measurements and notes, after each bean bag was dropped.



This young lady was amazing as she piloted her balloon directly over the target.  She was happy with her efforts and spectators on the ground were applauding.  Many of the chase balloons couldn't navigate within 300 yards of the target, so getting directly over the target was quite an accomplishment !



Having kept the Hare "alive" during the various target passes, as the last balloon cleared the area, the Hare crew deflated their balloon and packed up.



It sure was fun witnessing this event.  The pilots, passengers and spectators on the ground had a great day.



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