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August 17, 2011.  I had to leave this car show at 6:30 PM to attend another function and I thought perhaps the car folks would come early.  Yep, most vintage cars were in place at 5 PM, allowing me to take a few photos.



While strolling along Broad Street I met my favorite saxophone player, Kim Christman.  I met her son Zac and found out they had a Corvette down the street so I ventured down there and took some photos.




I was curious about this fellow working on his Model T and found out he was repairing the brakes right on the street.  As it turns out, Ford provided tools in a wooden box when someone bought the car.



Awesome Lincoln.



A vintage Packard with push button drive.



V8 Cadillac.



Interesting example of homebrew.



The rest of the story.








I wish I could see this vehicle spinning around in 2 feet of mud.  (oh yea, from a distance.....).



Good looking cars seem to attract good looking women.



This was an excellent event.  There were at least 5 times the number of cars at the show than are shown on this webpage.


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