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October 7, 2011.  As a photographer, one of my first stops for fall color is Brock Farms in Colts Neck, NJ.   While other farms have big signs on their building to identify themselves, Brock has a truck across the highway and some statutes and inflatables to catch your eye.



Unique garden statutes are near the entrance.




Inside the main building, one finds the staff to be very pleasant and helpful.


The garden area is quit large with many pumpkins and fall plants.





For Halloween, the main attraction is the large building in back of the garden area.



Inside, at the rear of the building, is a Haunted House.  Without photoflash, in their naturally dim light, these characters appeared scary, fortunately nothing jumped out of the wall with loud screeching voices.





Outside of the Haunted House area within the Halloween building , was a really huge collection of Halloween season characters and costumes.  One could not think of any item that is not for sale here !






Yep, another fun, annual visit to Brock.


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