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October  28, 2011.  Anyone traveling along Tinton Avenue could not help but notice the steel girders from the World Trade Center, reminding all of that tragic day in 2001.  This 9-11 memorial to those who died in this terrorist tragedy was well documented by the Tinton Falls Fire Company No. 1.



There were individual plaques in memory of those who lost their lives within the Trade Center, the Pentagon, in the airplanes and those police and fire department men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty.





The memorial construction was very robust as each fifteen foot, 2 1/2 ton steel beam was buried 5 feet into the ground anchored to a steel base.  The whole project was made permanent and sealed with 10 yards of heavy grade concrete, as a lasting memory to those gave their all.



Three months after the 9-11 disaster, police officer and fire department volunteer Jared Stevens constructed the first World Trade Center Memorial on the grounds of the Tinton Falls Fire Company No. 1.  Mr. Stevens memorial stood for seven years until the actual beams from the World Trade Center were obtained, at which time the final, permanent memorial was built.


After visiting the current memorial, It was also gratifying to see that the Tinton Falls Fire Company No. 1 proudly supports our troops.


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