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October  31, 2011.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Toms River Halloween Parade is the 2nd largest in the WORLD !

It started promptly at 7 PM with color guard, dignitaries, patriotic fireman, patriotic motor motorcycle clubs and a traditional bag pipe band.




This parade had numerous bands which added much to the enjoyment of the tens of thousands of folks that lined the parade route.





There is no one that can top Sondra when it comes to self promotion.  Born in Toms River, Sondra makes her annual appearance in the Halloween parade and the beauty queen still draws media attention and applause at 63 years of age!



Many hours of hard work were spent putting together the numerous floats that were in the parade.










Everyone's favorite was this live steam tractor.  It had a real boiler fire, it belched flames from the smoke stack, it produced lots of smoke and the steam whistle could be heard for blocks around.



Antique cars added a nice touch to the proceedings.



Oh no, it's Halloween and along comes this jolly guy, way ahead of schedule.



It was like a puzzle but, I figured out that it was the JERSEY SHORE ROLLER GIRLS.



Lots of resident participation with kids and adults having a great time.







I strolled down the street to check out the reviewing stand.  Some of the store fronts showed much artistic talent.



The library had interesting objects on the sidewalk outside the building.


I came upon the reviewing stand just as the parade was winding down at 9 PM.



It was a very large parade and everyone had a wonderful time.



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