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December 2, 2011.  Heading to Red Bank to take some test shots with my 14-24mm wide angle lens, I happened to notice a crowd of people on Broad Street in front of Jay and Silent Bob's store.  There were guys in the street with video cameras It looked like a promotional video project was in progress.

One of the guys in the street, was holding a sign and giving instructions to the three guys standing on boxes.



After many, many repeats, it was clear that the guy in the center would read a couple of sentences and then all three would complete the final sentence.



The final sentence was very simple:  "walk in a zero and walk out a superhero"; however the three guys couldn't get it together.  After one of the many flubs, the bearded one, in jest, picked on one of the guys and everyone looked on and laughed.



After another flub, (there were more than 10), the bearded one threw down his black beret and stomped on it.  The camera guy looked like he was going to get a headache.


After an exhausting number of flubs, the bearded one, in jest, threw himself in front of a very slow moving car.


Oh my God, they finally got it right !


At the completion of the promotion, the bearded one gave some outtakes to add additional humor to the event.



Everyone present, including those looking on from a distance had lots of laughs over this video production.


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