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January 1, 2012.  It was mild weather for January, so Paddy and I decided to ride along the ocean.  We started driving along the road to Sandy Hook when we spotted what looked like kites.  We couldn't see at water level because of tall plants that grow in the sand dunes.

After parking we discovered that it was not folks flying kites, but folks flying along the surf at high speed being pulled by kites.



This kite surfer took a short break, then reset his lines and was back in business.



This gentleman, packing his equipment for the day, told me he was into this sport since 2009 and that many like to surf in the ocean and ride the waves.



After watching for a while, it became clear that these kite surfers have to be in great physical shape and can not only  guide the kite but show gymnastic abilities as they make sharp turns on the surf.


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