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May 11, 2012.  Weather-wise, it was a real nice day, so a stroll around Red Band was in order.

After parking the car, I noticed folks walking and riding bikes around town.




Preparing for summer, a number of business were getting a fresh coat of paint.



It was a great time to relax on the many benches in town.



I ventured down to Zebu for a cup of coffee to enjoy at the outdoor tables.  Ten feet away was this cute little dog.  Every female that walked down broad street had to stop and pet the dog and say hello to the owner.  The owner, said his little dog was more of a chic magnet than a sports car.  I could tell that he was right.




As I was leaving Red Bank, I saw a man with balloons next to a sign for Beasty Burgers, inside No Ordinary Joe's.  I wondered if my wife Paddy wanted to go out to dinner this afternoon, and if so did she want a big meal or something from Beasty Burgers. 


She said lets try the Beasty Burger place.  Paddy had a soup and salad and I tried the burger.  Waiting for our food, I took a couple photos of folks enjoying the weather.



By coincidence, it was Art Walk day in Red Bank.  So after dinner, we took a stroll and found the Banegas Art Gallery at 43 Broad Street.  Wow, this guy David Banegas is exceptionally talented.  I asked permission from Mr. Banegas to take photos and he said shoot away.



Seeing his Bio and learning he was born in Bolivia, Paddy engaged Mr. Banegas in spanish and had a pleasant and informative discussion of his work.



Heading toward the car, we noticed that Red Bank businesses were dressed in pink, projecting our interest in breast awareness.



Great weather and a great town, another fun time in Red Bank, NJ.


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