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May 20, 2012.  Great weather, so Paddy and I headed out to Pier Village for lunch.  Parking was tough because there was a car show today.

There were 50 Porche automobiles and they looked great.



A few other nice vehicles were there too.


Lunch time and we chose McLoone's Pier House.  Excellent food and an excellent view of the beach.


The sun was bright and many wanted an early start on their tans.





Many young folks were playing volley ball, others were jogging and others were just hanging out.



I took a shot of this helicopter flying over the beach and when I got home and blew up the photo, it looked to me like a high tech spy plane.  I wonder what those cameras and radars etc. are doing, hanging on the side, underneath and all around the craft?  It must be Homeland Security keeping us safe by checking the beach for bulges in bikinis.


On the way home we stopped in Red Bank for a cup of coffee.



Great day, great weather, fun time.



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