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May 16, 2012.  It was a nice day, so I thought I would take a couple of photos in Red Bank.  As I turned the corner at Star Bucks, on Broad Street, I was shocked to see the beginning of a car show.  Shocked because I had just checked with the usual Red Bank event calendar websites and there was no mention of a car show !

So I returned home, invited my wife Paddy to the car show and dinner. She quickly agreed.






A couple of days before the car show Paddy and I dinner at the Beasty Burger.  I thought the burger was the best in town and since Paddy liked her salad, she opted to return.  The owner, Mr. Beasty Burger, was outside for the special event and  we had a table on the sidewalk in view of all the activities.  Our pretty server was very responsive to our needs.  Yep another good meal.



Also outside was the pretty coffee and tea girl providing sidewalk service.


Dinner completed, we again joined the tour.





Wow a replica of the "Back to the Future" De Lorean was in Red Bank.




Crossing the street, we were surprised and delighted to meet Kim, a saxophone player from Fair Haven.



Kim told us the check out her 63 Red Corvette in the next block and we did.  It was a great looking car and Kim's husband told us it was just one of several he owned.  Paddy and I were shown photos of how the car was found and it was an absolutely amazing restoration from what looked originally like a pile of junk.




Not far from Beasty Burger we heard, what we thought was a DJ playing popular 50's songs, except when we got to the source it was not a record at all but it was Keith Franklin singing live !  What a great voice.



Seeing my camera, I was approached by this pretty young lady who is a Monmouth University student studying art and is interested in photography.  I invited her to the Red Bank Photography Club that meets at the RB library, the first Monday of every month.  We may see her there.



Paddy and I, having spent a few fun hours at the show, were headed back to our car when we found a couple more cars on Monmouth Street.  We also met Red Bank photographer Danny Sanchez getting the shot from the middle of the street.  As we passed the Dublin House I found yet another pretty hostess.


Great car show in perfect weather.



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