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Poricy Park, Middletown, NJ

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June 9, 2012.   A facebook note, posted by my friend Lois Wilkes, invited the Red Bank Photography Club to check out this event, so I did. 



Upon arrival, I chose to visit the Murray Farmhouse first.  The farmhouse was well appointed and the re-enactors were preparing a meal in the hearth kitchen while showing visitors how people lived in Colonial times.




Behind the farmhouse in the cool shade of trees was the outdoor classroom, where presentations and discussions of George Washington and life in the colonies were held.


Next to the classroom and behind the farmhouse was the garden.  Many different crops were grown in the large fields behind the garden. 



Adjacent to the garden was the smokehouse.


In the open area between the farmhouse and the barn, re-enactors demonstrated colonial activities for kids, and the visitors took part in fun and games.



Colonial weaving and spinning wheel demonstrations were held in open areas on the farm.



The barn contained many tools for wood working, repairing farm tools and fence building.



The barn area was the gathering place for the militia.




Around 4 PM, the special re-enactment began, with Joseph Murray tilling the soil on his farm.


A shot rang out and Joseph was felled by the bullet.  The enemy shooter advanced toward Joseph to finish him off.



Fortunately, it was just a re-enactment as Joseph, his wife who came to his side,  and a friend emerged unscathed.


The shooters also appeared from the battlefield and everyone went home friends.


It was a most informative and entertaining day at Poricy Park today.


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