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June 28, 2012.   There are many summer activities in New Jersey.  Paddy and I had never been to this state fair, so we paid it a visit.

Upon arrival, we came upon what looked like a statue, but it turned out to be a mime.  He would put his head down and the passing crowd thought he was a statue, then he would quickly look up and they were so surprised, they would jump back and then laugh.



We were very hungry and found the Pickle Barrel Sirloin Tips.  Normally at fairs and special events we find burgers and sausage sandwiches but the Pickle Barrel had a full meal, it was priced right and was excellent.


There were no plain ordinary restrooms at this fair.  In fact, one could take a royal flush at Buckingham or tinkle at Toon Town.



The Big Cat Encounter was amazing.  The trainer had complete control of his animals, he had them do many tricks and he was very funny with his jokes.  During the show he enlightened the audience about the history of these animals and of the scarcity of the animals in modern times.  His very large "pet" weighed 750 pounds.




The big shows were timed perfectly, because as we left the Big Cat Encounter, we were just in time for the circus under the big tent.  The talent of the circus performers was amazing, everyone was fixed on their capabilities.  The show was organized so that as one act finished, the next act quickly started.






This quick change act had our jaw dropping.  We had seen quick change on TV, but even up close and in person, we could not figure out how they could have a complete change of clothes in less than 2 seconds.




There were the usual midway acts of dwarfs, people born with birth defects and barkers enticing visitors to pay to see inside the tent.



Of course there were many, many rides and there was a one time price for all rides.  Since Paddy and I no longer do the rides, we selected the senior admission fee of $5, which was a bargin.



At the Batman area, one could pay and have a family portrait at the Batmobile or pay and take a live helicopter in the Bat Helicopter.



It was quite a large fair, the shows were outstanding, the food was great and it was a most fun event.


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