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Every Saturday night, June through August, instrumentalists, singers, magicians and bands entertain the many folks who visit Red Bank for dinner, shopping, coffee and dessert or just strolling and enjoying the weather.


JUNE 30, 2012













These wonderful cars were on Broad Street during Streetlife and I had to take photos.



AUGUST 21, 2010

Paddy and I chose dinner at The Dublin House Restaurant and were greeted by two pretty hostesses.



During dinner, we were entertained by the Sibling Rivalry, a great name for a brother and sister team.



After dinner we strolled down Monmouth Street toward Broad and were met by the music of The Paul Marzano Group.



Heading south on Broad Street, we met our friends Ruth and Al Wright of the Al Wright Unit.  Ruth was in excellent voice and the group created very entertaining jazz standards.



Walking back toward Broad and Monmouth, I thought I heard Paul Desmond on alto sax, but it was Andreach of the Andreach-Chrepta Jazz Duo.


Then Andreach switched his alto to another of my favorite instruments, the bari sax.



Or last stop of the evening was on White Steet to hear the music of Phred Morris.  Yep, it was another enjoyable evening in Red Bank.



JULY 31, 2010

Paddy and I had dinner at The Rivers Edge Cafe on Broad Street and were entertained by Jenny Woods singing and playing adjacent to the restaurant.



Strolling south on Broad Street we came upon Robert Francis, who bills himself as the "Dork of Deception", which makes you think he is a funny magician.  Yep, both funny and talented in Magic.



"The Dork" asked Paddy to take a card and write her name on it, after which he shuffled the decks several ways and presented the Paddy's card to the amazement of the crowd.  He asked Paddy to cut the cards and he shuffled them again and asked Paddy to put a rubber band around the deck for later.


Using other volunteers, he continued with his humorous magic as the crowd gathered.



At the end of his act, "The Dork of Deception" asked Paddy to reach into the magic hat and sure enough Paddy found the card with her name on it.  Most amazing and entertaining.  A smart "dork" indeed. 



While Paddy was in Zebu getting a dessert, I met some friends from many years ago.  I knew them before I met Paddy and when Paddy came out of Zebu I was so embarrassed about the name problem,  that I didn't even try to introduce them.  How awful on my part.  As a delayed reaction, days later, I now remember their names: L-R:  Carol, Don, Bonnie and Bob.


After dessert we strolled along and found the Sibling Rivalry.  A cute name and they played very together.  Most enjoyable music..



Knowing that the Dublin House always has Streetlife musicians, we made that our last stop for the evening.  The Tri City Jazz group had a great sound and we are sure everyone having dinner at the Dublin House would agree.




JULY 17, 2010

After dinner in Red Bank, we stopped to hear KATI AND THE LIL' SWING BAND on Broad Street.  Members:  Bo Pezzullo on guitar, John Fanizzo on drums, Mike Bukarica on bass and Kati Beddow Brower, leader and vocalist.  The band had lots of energy and the crowd at the nearby restaurant and those sitting along the street were enjoying their music.




Knowing that the Dublin House features Street Life we walked down Monmouth Street and found the very talented Pam McCoy the FAMILIAR FACES group.  They have an excellent sound and both the restaurant patrons and those sitting along the sidewalk on benches were enjoying their music.



As Familiar Faces were playing, the young people were having a great time dancing to the music.  (The mother of the young lad in blue said: "My son won't let me take his picture, can you try to get a couple of photos for me") 



At the junction of Broad and Monmouth Streets was Paul Pugliese laying down some very nice guitar cords.



A Street Life fixture:  Rev. Lenny Liebmann was on hand chatting about any subject.


It was not hard to spot the "9-11 was an inside job" car.  The owner is a demolition expert and his vast collection of data from Engineers and Architects about 9-11 was very interesting.



JUNE 19, 2010

Parking our car, our first stop was the Dublin House, where the Wannabes were entertaining the large crowd having dinner.  The Dublin House always has a pretty hostess.



Walking down Monmouth Street to Broad Street we found a nice sound from CAT.



Looking for dinner we stopped at the River's Edge Cafe and luckily found Don Lee, who entertained us for the whole time we were eating.  Don plays guitar, sings and writes his own songs.  A great sound that everyone around enjoyed.



After dinner we stopped to listen to the excellent blend of the Rusty Chain quartet.



We had cappuccino at Starbucks and had a very interesting chat with Rev Lenny Liebmann of the Red Bank Community Church.



AUGUST 29, 2009

After parking, I walked by the Dublin House Restaurant on Monmouth Street, and came upon Kati Beddow Brower vocalist, Matte Wade on keyboard and Everald Williams on alto and soprano sax.  Excellent blues and jazz standards.



The Dublin House always has pretty hostesses.



Walking toward Broad Street, I heard a great male vocal group, it turned out to be the Red Bank Streetwalkers Barbershop Quartet.



I stopped by Kacie Baker playing her own compositions on keyboard.  She is also an excellent vocalist and later switched to guitar and harmonica.  A most versatile and entertaining young lady.



Continuing my walk south on Broad Street I spotted a very attractive blonde vocalist.  Her name was Susan Haugenes, half of the "Cool Blues Duo", along with the famous Chuck Lambert who is a nationally know musician with his Chuck Lambert Band.




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