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July 14, 2012.  My friend Ben DeMarco sent a heads-up, about this car show, to the Red Bank Photography Facebook page.  Paddy and I had to check it out.







All smiles, these pretty young ladies represented the The Draft House and handed everyone a menu.



My wife and I met our photographer friend Ben Demarco who alerted us to this car show.  Ben didn't have a camera ???!!!   We also met our friend Pat who was also enjoying the show.



There were some interesting folks walking about and one guy with a great shirt.



Back to the cars.






Guess which truck drew the largest crowd of onlookers, the pristine pink or the rust bucket........  The rusty truck owner said that everyone had heard of the Silverado, so he named his truck the Rustarado.  Many smiles seen on many faces at the rusty Chevy.



Not everyone has a Budweiser radiator overflow container.



There were two musical venues.  This group, the Pam McCoy Familiar Faces,  was very entertaining.  On bass was Phil Rizzo, on lead guitar was Frank Ravaschiere and on drums was Joe C.  




After several hours of taking photos and checking out the cars, Paddy and I took a break and then left for home.



Thanks Ben for the heads-up.  Great car show.


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