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September 1, 2012.  My son and his family were visiting this weekend and my son suggested we travel to New York City and visit the 911 memorial.  My son went online and reserved our visitor passes and we subsequently drove into the city.  We found a convenient parking garage near by.

When we arrived at the entrance point, we were cued up into a long line with other visitors.  The line moved along but it took us about 25 minutes to pass through no less than 3 security check points.

When we finally emerged into the memorial area we found it to be a very large empty space.


After a short walk we come upon the Memorial South Pool with the names of those victims who lost their lives, inscribed around the perimeter of the pool.



A very short distance away was the Memorial North Pool, again with the names of the victims inscribed.


An interesting looking museum is being built and I pressed the camera against the glass to reveal some of the I-beams and other remnants' from the original Trade Center.  It stuck me that it's been 11 years since that terrible day in December and this museum is still under construction; whereas the 102 story Empire State Building was built in only a year and a half.


For those who lost loved ones and friends in that Islamic terrorist attack, this memorial is dedicated in their honor.


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