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September 21, 2012.  The weather was great and a scarecrow competition was in progress.  Paddy and I arrived at lunchtime and enjoyed a great lunch at the Cock and Bull restaurant.  We got a window seat looking over a portion of the village.



As I was taking scarecrow photos, Paddy would duck into various shops and look around.  It was a perfect arrangement.





Geez, it's still September and this jolly guy shows up already.  Someone's plan worked perfectly because Paddy said: "Maybe I could buy some Christmas gifts while we're here".


I had to admit that Peddler's Village had some unusual gift ideas.  Imagine this letter: "Dear car dealership, as I write this letter on Elephant dung paper, I'm reminded that I should bring my car in for more of your expert maintenance".


I got a huge chuckle out of this guy's shirt.


Paddy got a bigger chuckle out of this chocolate shop window sign.


Completing the scarecrow tour:






Paddy bought some gifts today, I took some photos and on the way back home we stopped in Princeton for dinner.  It was a fun day.


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