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September 24, 2012.  I received an invitation from a member of the Down-the-Shore-Photography-Guild to join a photo shoot in Historic Walnford. 

It was a nice weather day and the first building off the parking lot was the Corn Crib, reminding the visitor that Walnford was a working farm.


Off to the right of the tool house was the large 1879 Carriage House containing both the carriages and the horse stalls.



Passing the Cartaker's Cottage, I entered the elegant and spacious 1773 Waln house.



Once inside the Waln house it was clear that this family was very rich!






A short stroll past the main house was the Grist mill, fed by the Crosswicks Creek.



While many mills were powered by an external water wheel, the Waln Grist Mill was powered by a modern turbine.


Within the mill were gears, grinding wheels and other auxiliary power equipments.



Historic Walnford is on the National Register of Historic Places.


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