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October 9, 2012.  On our vacation we traveled from Centerville, where we stayed, to visit Provincetown.  Along highway 6 we stopped at the Marconi Site at Wellfleet, MA.



At the edge of the Atlantic ocean was a pavilion at the very spot where Marconi set up his station that transmitted the first transatlantic radio message.



Looking for tall antennas, I was amazed by this graphic showing the significant beach erosion.  Apparently in 1980 two of the original four antennas were still standing but by 2012 there was nothing left, not a base or a cable fixture, nothing.  Today there is much sand dune grass holding back erosion, so the memorial pavilion should stay for a while.


This map and dateline shows progress and tests made at the site.



A copy of the actual message sent to Great Britain and comments of the excitement of being at the site.





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