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October 10, 2012.  After leaving the Long Dell Inn on Cape Cod, we thought we would take a quick trip to Newport for lunch before driving north to Providence RI for the jack-o-lantern festival.

We came upon a unique clock at Bellevue and Victoria Avenue, where we started seeing some very large mansions.



The first interesting place was Vernon Court, which is a museum open to the public on certain days.  It was also registered with the National Register of Historic Places.



We came upon the Anglesea Estate at the end of a street overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  There was a mansion walk at the end of the street and I walked down about a block and took a photo.  The mansion was huge, and I found out later it was the famous Breakers.



Paddy and I took the Breakers tour.  While I was disappointed that no photos could be taken, I understood that it would be very distracting with all the cameras; and flash photos, over time, could fade fabrics and art work etc.  The Breakers was a "cottage" built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II.  It was a 70 room Italian Renaissance mansion displaying what could be done when money was no object.  It was a jaw dropping tour indeed.




Finally, we had lunch at the Bowens Wine Bar & Grille at the Bowens Wharf.  Good food, good view of the marina.


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