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October 21, 2012.  The Red Bank tradition continued with the Red Bank police starting the parade followed by the great sound of the Pipe and Drums of the Atlantic Watch.  The parade was a fun experience for the kids and it appeared that more kids were marching this year than ever.  For the older folks with grown kids, the parade seemed much shorter this year.  In previous years there were many school bands and other musical groups and many floats participating, but this year there was only the Atlantic Watch and an excellent Rock N Music group.  Perhaps there were scheduling conflicts with football or other events, but this year the parade took on a less interesting appeal for older folks. 



Red Bank's mayor Pasquale Menna walked the parade as is his tradition.


Horses, fire trucks and kids made for a splendid parade.





The parade was coordinated by Amateur Radio at various places in town.


Many folks dressed their dogs for the parade.



At the end of the parade, participants were treated to snacks and beverages at the Red Bank Municipal parking lot.



Paddy and I had an early lunch at the Broadway Grill at the corner of Broad St and Monmouth.


The weather was excellent and the kids had a great day!


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