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February 10, 2013.  Yesterday (the 9th) we received 8 inches of snow and whenever there is a decent amount of snow, everyone goes to Holmdel Park.  Today was no exception.

After parking, we entered the shelter building and checked out the nice warm fireplace.  Several folks had their backs to the fire and one young man was trying to dry out his coat.  A ranger put some more logs on the fire and Paddy took a turn for a photo.



Outside the shelter was a very slight hill and many young folks were sledding. One young girl was giving her younger brother a push to get started, a father was giving his son pointers on snowboarding and another mom was watching the kids before she took her sled to the big hill.



We left the shelter area and walked toward the big hill.  There were lots of folks on the hill today and the sun was bright with no wind making it very pleasant.



There was an Ambulance on site should there be a mishap, but everything was quiet.


Everyone was having a fun time on the hill.  Those that bumped into one another were enjoying that too.



The guy in the reddish-orange sled was heading for a crash but he leaned his sled heavily to the side and avoided contact.



In the 8 years and younger area, some kids built a snowman, others took a mild ride down the easy hill and still others just played in the snow.


Before we left the parking lot, we saw a snow-bull next to the Longstreet Farm entrance.


Two miles from Holmdel is a famous registered Historic Site:  where man discovered cosmic background radiation from the Big Bang, at the creation of the universe.



Another fun day in Holmdel, NJ.


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